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Be the Light

Today, I personally had a parent of a special needs child reach out to me in a cry for help. I have shared every resource I could think of, all the while remembering those scary moments when I wondered how I was going to be the mom Jake needed me to be. I tried to share everything I wish I had known about when I was new to the world of autism because the fear and frustration can feel paralyzing and very isolating. Especially if you’re going at it as a single parent.

Today as I tried to “be the light” and offer some guidance to this parent, I was reminded just how important the mission of All-In Charitable Events and Services, Inc. is in providing support and hope to special needs families. As I contacted various organizations and individuals they all responded with offers to help this mother. There is truly a “village” of support which exists because of the generosity of others!

Thank you to everyone that has provided the means for ACES to support these well established organizations and to continue to move forward with our own vision. Thank you so very much for the light you have shared with us. "As long as there is light, there is hope, and there is a way."

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