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Our  Programs

Our Purpose

When children with autism become young adults many families struggle to find appropriate programs for individuals needing an increased level of assistance with activities of daily living. At age 22, all of the educational supports and services they have been receiving under the federal Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) vanish overnight. This transition pushes them into a world woefully lacking in appropriate programs for autistic adults.

“What happens next?” This is a question every parent of a child with a disability has asked themselves as adulthood approaches. Our purpose is to help answer this difficult question as we work with individuals to help develop valuable work and life skills in an inclusive, supportive environment.

Our Progress


In March of 2022 we were excited to launch the ACES BARKery! Through this program we are able to provide opportunities for our participants to develop daily living and vocational skills in a safe, supportive environment.


Our bakers enjoy the purposeful experience of creating and packaging our small-batch dog treats! As they hand-roll, hand-cut, and bake these treats with care our participants are gaining the following skills:

  • Communication

  • Problem Solving

  • Independent Living

  • Career/Vocational

  • Fine Motor

  • Social/Behavioral


Proceeds from our sales are reinvested into our mission to provide meaningful opportunities for autistic adults in our community to live fulfilling, joyful lives while flourishing in a safe and secure environment.


Additionally, ACES has been able to assist autistic individuals in our local community by providing sponsorships, scholarships, and general financial support to several outstanding programs that focus on developing the life skills necessary for increased independence.

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