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June ~ Just Enjoying Summer!

Updated: 6 days ago

Camp Journey is an amazing overnight camp (weeklong in the summer) specifically geared toward meeting the needs of individuals ages 9 through adult who are on the autism spectrum. Campers engage in building social skills and friendships, while learning responsibility and essential life skills in a fun, supportive setting. Directed instruction focusing on social skills, building friendships, teamwork, manners, and self-esteem is delivered in a typical overnight camp setting. While enjoying activities such as swimming, hiking, fishing, archery, rock climbing, canoeing, various sports/games, and crafts, campers are able to gain and apply invaluable life skills.

This amazing program has so much to offer the autistic adults in our community and ACES is always thrilled to support their efforts. In the past we've supplied scholarships for campers who could not otherwise afford to attend. Happily, the directors did not have a list of campers in need this summer! Instead, our support focused on the selfless counselors who work with the campers throughout the week. The staff at Camp Journey makes amazing things happen each session, and ACES was honored to be a part of letting them know their efforts are very much appreciated.


Our ACES BARKery was also very busy during June.

If you haven't had a chance to visit us

on one of our Farmer Market days,

you still have plenty of time.

Come on out and bring your dog along

to sniff out some truly tasty treats!

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