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June~ Things Are Heating Up!


June was a big month for us! All-In Charitable Events & Services received a raffle license and is conducting our first raffle fundraiser as an exciting part of our

ACES Charity Golf Classic.

The Helicopter Golf Ball Drop will take place on August 28, 2023. A helicopter will pick up the bag of numbered golf balls and the sponsor will drop the balls over the hole from about 100 feet up! There will be two prizes - a Grand Prize of $2,000 for the ball that goes in the hole or is closest to the pin. In the event of a tie, the prize will be split equally. The second prize of $50 is for the ball farthest from the pin. You do not need to be present to win, so this is a great opportunity for our non-golfing friends to get in on the fun!

This capital campaign will allow ACES to create a unique, sensory friendly commercial kitchen space (and possibly a storefront) for the ACES BARKery! Launched in March of 2022 the ACES BARKery allows us to provide opportunities for our participants to develop daily living and vocational skills in a safe, supportive environment while enjoying the purposeful experience of creating and packaging our small-batch dog treats! As they hand-roll, hand-cut, and bake these treats with care, our participants are gaining the following skills:

  • Communication

  • Problem Solving

  • Independent Living

  • Career/Vocational

  • Fine Motor

  • Social/Behavioral

While we are very pleased to now have an interim kitchen to fulfill your online orders, we look forward to building a permanent home for ACES BARKery.

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