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October/November 2019

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Thanks to charitable contributions from poker players who participate in our Charity Poker Events, ACES has been able to sponsor three local adults with autism to attend Camp Journey Weekend in early November.

Camp Journey is an overnight camp focused on social skills, building friendships, teamwork, manners, and self-esteem. Camp activities include directed social skills instruction in a typical overnight camp setting. Activities may include swimming, hiking, fishing, archery, climbing, canoeing, sports, and more depending on the weather. Every activity of every day, from getting ready in the morning, to being quiet in the cabin at night, has social skills learning naturally built-in. A trained staff helps teach, reinforce, and maintain correct social behaviors including living together, cooperation, teamwork, being considerate, personal hygiene, table manners, and much more. There are also two focused social skills lessons daily help the group acquire new skills and identify a target skill to practice for the day. Each lesson is designed to target a social behavior and helps individuals develop the skills needed for living more independently when they return home.

Your support has allowed our organization to quickly have a positive impact in our community! We look forward to sharing more good news soon!

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