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'Tis the Season

Dear ACES Friends,

Today, we received the very thoughtful "Thank You" note posted below from The Exceptional Foundation of Atlanta. Not only were exceptional individuals and their families able to kick off the holiday season with a night of festivities, but the giving will continue into the New Year via our sponsorship of EFAtl's Scholarship Program.

Thank you for your continued generosity to The Exceptional Foundation of Atlanta. Because of the generosity of you and others, we were able to raise a substantial amount for EFAtl’s Scholarship Program.

The evening was a complete success with visits with Santa, a crowded dance floor, a delicious meal and cupcakes, friends seeing friends they haven’t seen in awhile, and the joy of our Exceptional families. Click on this link to see a small sample of the appreciation we all feel for your support.

With Exceptional gratitude,

Beth Malanoski, Executive Director

The Exceptional Foundation of Atlanta

A huge thank you goes out to our ACES Charity Poker participants for the part you play in building a network of supports in our local community! You all make EVERY season a season for giving!

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